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Interpreter Booths

We strive to provide optimal work conditions for interpreters. Interpretation booths are used to provide sound insulation, enabling interpreters to efficiently perform their job without interfering noises from external sources.

  • Full-size or table-top booths available
  • Comfortable for 2 or 3 interpreters.
  • Optimal sound insulation exceeding ISO-4043 international standard.
  • Working surface, noiseless ventilation and lighting.

The booth frame can be assembled/disassembled quickly, then placed in storage/shipping cases. The Conference Rental technical support team will handle booth assembling, setup the interpretation systems inside the booth, and ensure that interpreters are comfortable and fully trained with the interpretation equipment.

If it is not possible to install interpreter booths in the main conference room, we can deliver remote interpretation and install the booths in a remote location with video monitors for interpreters to have a visual of the person speaking.

Do you require qualified interpreters for your event? Contact us for information.