For multilingual conferences, where participants’ understanding is critical to the success of the event, conference interpretation systems, sometimes called translation equipment or suystems, enable interpreters to render simultaneously the speaker’s speech into another language, and distribute the interpreted speech to event participants who will select and listen to their language of choice. Conference interpreters working with our interpretation systems will ensure that language is no barrier to understanding.

Conference Rental’s interpreting technology solutions offer digital audio quality meeting the highest industry standards. Scalability is at its core with up to 32 language channels available and the ability to add thousands of units to cater for large events and audiences. The result - seamless and effective multilingual communication at your event regardless of size or location.

Conference Rental helps you design the best system for your meeting, select interpreters with the right experience, and provides you with the onsite staff needed for assembling, operating and dismantling equipment. We take the difficult task of interpretation off your shoulders and provide a complete turn-key solution.