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Video Microphones

This all-in-one solution combines a traditional conference microphone system with a high resolution monitor offering individual display screens to meeting participants.

  • 10" personal display with 1280 x 800 high resolution.
  • Supporting high definition video display (HDMI, SDI, VGA, …).
  • Microphone, electronic voting, interpretation (1 + 63 channels), 2 headphone inserts.
  • Nameplate slot on the back of the unit.

The video microphones offer an optimum viewing angle that is ideal to keep meeting attendees focused on content. They also allow to overcome line-of-sight issues due to screen positioning in meeting spaces, making every seat THE BEST SEAT

Video microphones are ideal for professional training and business seminars, keeping all participants equally focused on content, and with the possibility to implement e-voting to measure retention. They also give high-end meetings a professional high-tech look that will impress attendees and set new standards for what to expect in meeting environments.