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Digital Infrared Language Distribution System

Wireless receivers are distributed to meeting participants so they may select and listen to their language of choice. These reliable and user-friendly receivers offer digital audio quality meeting the highest industry standards.

  • High-capacity: 32 channels for up to 31 languages + floor.
  • Full language name displayed, participants can find their channel quickly.
  • Indication of signal strength, battery life and volume level.
  • Automatic synchronization: no scrolling through unused channels.
  • Delivered with a pair of lightweight stereo headphones.
  • Compliant to IEC 60914 and 61603-7.

The pocket-size receiver is equipped with a channel selector, volume control, power switch, 3.5mm stereo earphone jack, and LCD display.

Using digital infrared (IR) technology, this solution is immune to interference from smartphones, Wi-Fi or RF devices. Systems can be setup in adjacent rooms without need for frequency management. Our receivers are also immune to interference from sunlight or energy-saving lightning. Importantly, infrared technology ensures privacy of the meeting, all so valuable at high-stake summits and congresses.

We also provide an RF portable interpretation solution.
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