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Wireless E Ink Nameplates

This innovative digital nameplate helps identify attendees at meetings in a more elegant, efficient and cost-effective way than traditional printed or engraved solutions:

  • Versatile content display: text/name or drawings/logos, multiple lines.
  • E Ink: acclaimed low-consumption technology.
  • No light interference or glare, ideal for photography and video.
  • Standalone wireless tabletop solution.
  • Display dimensions: 310 mm x 60 mm, with wide viewing angle.
  • Ultrathin 16mm double-sided panel.

The display content is controlled locally via USB or wirelessly using Wi-Fi; the content will remain on the screen even without power. Frequent changes to seating arrangements and attendee names are handled seamlessly as the digital technology allows a quick and easy transition, even while the meeting is in progress.

A versatile, user-friendly and time-saving solution for conference managers that will give your meeting room a professional high-tech look with excellent rendering on video screens and for broadcast.