Wired Push-to-talk Discussion Microphones

Adding a conference microphone system to your meeting encourages disciplined participation while ensuring perfect audio intelligibility thereby supporting effective conversations.

  • Plug and play, daisy-chain connectivity for a quick setup.
  • Microphone sensitivity and EQ individually adjustable.
  • Built-in loudspeaker and headphone jack for personal amplification.
  • Option to select the microphone activation mode and number of active microphones from main unit.

All delegate units have a detachable stem microphone, a built-in speaker (mutes when the mic is on), a microphone activation button and a headphone jack with volume control. The chairman unit also has a priority/mute key. LED light rings indicate when the microphone is active.

Additionally, for greater control over the conference there is an option to add microphone management software to take control remotely of delegates’ speaking requests, seat assignments, or video tracking. Contact us to learn more about our software management offering and operator assistance.

Other microphone options include units with LCD screen, microphones with voting buttons, microphones with language channel selectors, dual channel selector, dual ID. If you would like to add video tracking to display the speaker on audience screens or for broadcast and live streaming, contact us.