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Conference Microphones with Electronic Voting

Why should you manage multiple devices (microphones, audience response system, ...), when you can have it all-in-one? For a minimalist event space, our multi-functional conference microphones incorporate 5 buttons for electronic voting.

  • Multiple forms of vote: parliamentary voting (Yes/No/Abstain), multiple choice or audience response, and more.
  • Graphic LCD screen provides enhanced information display, including voting options.
  • Votes can be secret ballot or nominative.
  • Record voting results, display results locally.

All delegate units have a detachable stem microphone, a microphone activation button, 5 voting buttons, a built-in loudspeaker (mutes when the mic is on), and a headphone jack with volume control for personal amplification. The chairman unit also has a priority/mute key. LED light rings indicate when the microphone is active.

This solution requires the use of conference management software to input voting proposals, specify the form of vote, display voting results, and more. The software also allows microphone management, to take control remotely of delegates’ speaking requests, seat assignments, or video tracking. Contact us to learn more about our software management offering and operator assistance.

Voting technology is not only a tool for formal decision making; it also greatly enhances interactivity in lectures, improves retention, and helps collect valuable meeting data. Our robust solution has been used in high-profile settings. We also have experience analyzing voting processes and designing customized solutions that meet the exact end user requirements.