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Audio Distribution

These multichannel wireless receivers offer a personal audio reinforcement solution to meeting participants with the ability for them to select and listen to the content of their choice.

  • Receives up to 32 audio sources.
  • LCD display: channel labelling, signal strength, battery life and volume.
  • Digital infrared technology: no RF interference and no frequency management.
  • Ultra-wide reception angle for optimal signal pickup.

The audio distribution system is used as an alternative to a typical PA system and to avoid having a "shouting contest" between adjacent systems. For open campuses events, including at tradeshows, where learning labs are located at various corners of a same room, it gives participants an opportunity to tune in to the lab of their choice. Or attendees can go from one theater to the other and automatically pick-up the audio from the presenter in that room. 

This solution is also used for overflow crowds, including press centers, allowing the audience to listen live and clearly to a main stage event.