Watch our videos to learn more about our company and our services.

Conference Rental Solutions Overview

     -    0:51
Quick overview of the solutions and services offered by Conference Rental in support of conferences and multilingual events.

Conference Rental rebranding

     -    0:15
The story behind Conference Rental's 2017 new logo. Starting with our CR initials and evolving the shape into a representation of international communication.

Wireless E Ink Nameplates in a Meeting

     -    1:54

Handling name changes during a meeting with paper versus electronic nameplate solutions.

Conference Rental and Language Companies

     -    1:29

Our partnership options with language service providers explained from the ALC Annual Conference.

"Numbering" The Conference Microphone System

     -    4:14

A tutorial video to explain unit numbering on the wired conference microphone system.

Wired PTT Conference Microphones Setup

     -    2:08

The Sea of Mics

     -    0:33

Thousands of microphones with electronic voting capability turning on right before the start of a prominent international conference.