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Automobile Manufacturer – Audi A8 Release

Miami, FL, United States

> Remote interpretation with interpreters located 100 yards away from the room.
> 500 participants.
> Interpretation in 5 languages.

Audi released the 2011 Audi A8 during the 2009 Design Miami Exhibition. With participants from around the world for this star studded event, Conference Rental was asked to provide simultaneous interpretation services.

As always, Conference Rental used the latest technology including digital interpreter stations and digital infrared language distribution. The system is fully plug & play which allowed a 5th language to be added at the last minute without interruption to the conference. Interpreters were located roughly 100 yards outside of the Audi Pavilion in broadcast trailers viewing a live video feed of the event.

The infrared receivers provided have a large LCD displaying the name of the languages. This made it easier for all to find the correct channel to listen to as the language channel numbers were not displayed in the room.