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Fourth Meeting of the Global Forum on Migration and Development

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

> 700 attendees, 80 nations.
> Interpretation in 2 languages.
> Meetings in 6 rooms.

Conference Rental was the chosen provider for all conferencing and interpretation systems for the GFMD event held in the city of Puerto Vallarta only 2 weeks following the end of another major conference in Guadalajara. We handled perfectly the logistics between the two events. For the meetings taking place in many parallel rooms at the Puerto Vallarta Convention Center, Conference Rental installed some fully digital systems comprising of: conference microphones, language distribution and automatic video tracking.

An initiative of the United Nations, the GFMD forum welcomes international representatives from the civil society and governments to discuss the linkages between migration and development. Mrs. Margarita Zavala Calderon, the first lady of Mexico, was one of the many attendees listening to the high quality simultaneous interpretation audio signal.