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  • Conference Rental Increase E Ink Nameplate Inventory
Conference Rental Increases E Ink Nameplate Inventory to Match Demand!

Conference Rental Increase E Ink Nameplate Inventory

Wednesday, 05 October 2016

The E Ink Wireless Nameplate uses breakthrough technology to bring the ultimate in high-tech attendee identification and flexibility to professional meetings and events. After launching it for rental in 2015, Conference Rental saw an increase in demand for the Nameplate by companies and organizations to keep up with the digital identification solution.

Proper identification is crucial. The information displayed can be controlled locally via USB or wirelessly using Wi-Fi. It can quickly and easily switch names or IDs between different event programs or sessions and can handle minute-to-minute changes leading up to the main event. While dealing with frequent changes to seating arrangements and attendee names, the E Ink Nameplate handles these last minute issues seamlessly, for a quick and easy transition between meetings or even while the meeting is in progress, its benefit in the AV market is invaluable.

Richard Saunders, a technical project manager who has worked with Conference Rental’s nameplates for two events in Singapore and Bahrain, stated, “Not only does the product look aesthetically impressive, but it is also clear that it is well designed and built to a very good standard. Unlike other signage solutions, the Conference Rental E Ink Nameplate is a good-quality product that is rapidly becoming an important technical feature of our global events.”

The E Ink Electronic Nameplate exists to identify attendees, nations, or other key signage elements such as company logos at a conference or meeting, large or small. It is the first of its kind, standalone wireless tabletop solution, using two-pigment ink which appears either white or black at the spot where the particle lands. This technology can avoid some of the standard pitfalls and headaches associated with identification at events: misspellings, last-minute name changes, size and font issues digital technology, which facilitates easy setup and breakdown. This cost-effective solution, at the end of the day, saves time and energy with its low-consumption, non-glaring technology.

With the increase in inventory, Conference Rental is ready to match the demand for this innovative technology that is changing the game for nameplate signage in the conferencing world.


About Conference Rental:
Conference Rental is the leading sub-rental provider for digital push-to-talk conferencing microphones and language interpretation equipment with high-profile references such as the G20 Summit. The company partners with audiovisual rental and staging companies and language service providers to provide technology solutions for conference-style events, including multilingual conferences. Services include pre-production planning, setup/strike labor, onsite support and overall technical support from our expert conference engineers.