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  • Conference Rental Acquires Leading European Interpretation Services Provider, Challenge Partners
Conference Rental Acquires Leading European Interpretation Services Provider, Challenge Partners

Conference Rental Acquires Leading European Interpretation Services Provider, Challenge Partners

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Today, Conference Rental announced that it completed the acquisition of Challenge Partners, a leading audiovisual and simultaneous interpretation provider with offices across France and Belgium.

The acquisition will allow Conference Rental to expand its force of sales professionals worldwide, providing event planner and audiovisual clients with an unprecedented network of resources spanning two continents while offering convenient local support in their own language. With this global footprint, Conference Rental positions itself as a trail-blazer in the growing market for simultaneous interpretation and conferencing solutions.

“We’re beyond excited to welcome Challenge Partners into the Conference Rental family. The synergy between the two teams has fostered a greater focus into our target markets and an innovative spirit into what we do. We look forward to a bright and successful future in 2017 and onward,” said Fardad Zabetian, Conference Rental CEO.

With the additional offices, Conference Rental increases its rental warehouse locations (sites with ready-to-rent inventory) to include Washington DC, New York, Oakland CA, Paris, Brussels and Marseille. These cities house a variety of innovative technology solutions including wired and wireless microphones with electronic voting, E Ink nameplates, video microphones and more.

“Our values aligned from the very beginning,” said Santiago de Murga, head of Conference Rental’s new European operations. “Our passion is to provide first-class technology and interpretation services to our clients, and Conference Rental is a leading player in this regard.”

The European team adds 17 experienced professionals who have served AV companies, language service providers, and rental and staging companies for over 20 years, making them the go-to provider for interpretation services in France and Belgium. With references like The World Bank and the Association of National Olympic Committees, Conference’s Rental’s trusted expertise and cutting edge technology continue to stand out from the crowd. Both teams will continue to expand their partner network in these industries in the coming months.

About Conference Rental

Conference Rental is a turn-key rental service provider for conference and language interpretation technologies that meet the highest industry standards for digital audio quality. Conference Rental's innovative high-tech offerings ensure more interactive meeting environments and superior communication with no language barriers. With an extensive inventory, equipment warehouses and expert support teams across North America and Europe, Conference Rental can immediately meet client needs for events of all sizes, from small hotel meetings to high-profile international congresses. Conference Rental's reference list includes the UN General Assembly and G20 Summit. For more information, visit conferencerental.com.