5 Tech-Savvy Ways to Increase Your Event's Reach

5 Tech-Savvy Ways to Increase Your Event's Reach

With a growing number of platforms and advertising tools available to meeting planners, reaching your target audience is now more complicated than setting up the usual e-vite and landing page. Here are some avenues to consider when planning a high stakes meeting or event where attendee impact is crucial.

Stream and broadcast video

Fact: not all registered attendees will be able to make your event. That’s why it’s important to provide multiple avenues for finding event sessions online both during and after the event. Consider using an automatic video tracking system that allows attendees to have a video recording of the session. During the event, it allows you to display video on a large screen for expanded viewing area or create a video conferencing session in order to include attendees who couldn’t make it. Having a recorded session means that those who couldn’t attend can interact with your content in the future, giving it a second life.  

Want to give viewers a chance to watch and participate virtually? Partner up with a live streaming platform and provide remote attendees with an accessible way to be part of the action.

Tap into niche audience with social media

The sad truth for event marketers is that organic reach on social media platforms has plummeted. That means reaching your target audience costs big bucks no matter what industry you’re in. Luckily, there are a few cost-effective ways to make sure your meeting or event gets the registrations you’re looking for.

You might associate Facebook events with occasions like Free Ice Cream Day or a family birthday party, but setting up an event on Facebook for more formal events can actually garner the exposure your event needs to succeed. Of course, think twice before creating a Facebook hub for a high profile government convention!

Facebook’s paid event targeting is extremely granular. Consider boosting your event page to target friends of attendees or people in a specific industry. This type of advertising creates a trusted referral type system that feels natural to the customer and, ultimately, leads to better conversions. Already have a list of existing customers? Upload a custom audience and capture their attention first.

Team up with key sponsors

Your partners are essential to your event’s success! Whether it’s local businesses bringing attendees to your event site or well-known brands in your industry, a trusted sponsor will add an extra layer of social clout to your event. Not to mention, each partner brings with it an even larger e-mail and social following that provides one extra avenue to spread the word. Sponsors would be happy to share your event throughout their channels – it’s a total win-win!

Add interpretation for foreign speakers

Are there foreign officials or industry influencers you’d love to feature but can’t because of a language barrier? Conference technicians can help you set up simultaneous interpretation so that you can provide your non-native speaker attendees with a chance to understand and participate in the conversation. Conference Rental can also provide high quality referrals to some of the best interpreters in the field. 

Broaden your audience by making sure all attendees are on the same page. Wireless receivers are an excellent way for attendees or meeting participants to select and listen to their language of choice without any interference. These reliable and user-friendly receivers offer digital audio quality that meets the highest industry standards.

Work with industry influencers

Influencer marketing is a type of promotion that focuses on using key leaders or celebrities to drive your brand’s message to the larger market. These key leaders get the word out by using the product, writing reviews, or simply talking about it. It’s no surprise influencer marketing has been growing exponentially year over year – it works. Get in touch with your biggest fans (with a large social following), key bloggers or speakers and have them share your event. Don’t forget to provide them with a free pass! Whether they present on one topic or contribute to a panel, their attendance alone is a powerful addition to the event lineup that is sure to have the industry talking.


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